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Black Urad Dhal Kali Mix is a nutritious and wholesome blend made from black urad dal (black gram) and other natural ingredients. This mix is specially formulated to create a traditional South Indian dish known as “Kali,” which is a savory, hearty porridge. Black urad dal is rich in protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, making this mix a healthy addition to any diet. It is known for its ability to improve digestion, boost energy, and promote overall wellness. The Black Urad Dhal Kali Mix offers a convenient way to enjoy a traditional and nutritious meal.

Processing Details:

  1. Selection of Ingredients:
    • High-quality black urad dal is selected as the primary ingredient. Other natural ingredients such as rice, spices, and herbs are also chosen based on traditional recipes and nutritional value.
  2. Cleaning and Sorting:
    • The black urad dal and other ingredients are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, stones, or impurities. The cleaning process ensures that the ingredients are pure and safe for consumption.
  3. Roasting:
    • The cleaned black urad dal is dry roasted to enhance its flavor and nutritional properties. Roasting also helps in making the dal easier to digest. Other ingredients such as rice and spices may also be roasted to bring out their natural flavors.
  4. Grinding:
    • The roasted black urad dal and other ingredients are ground into a fine powder. This process ensures that the mix is uniform in texture and easy to cook. Grinding may be done using traditional stone grinders or modern milling machines.
  5. Mixing:
    • The ground ingredients are thoroughly mixed in precise proportions to create the Kali mix. The blend is carefully formulated to maintain the traditional taste and nutritional benefits of the dish.
  6. Sieving:
    • The mixed powder is sieved to ensure a fine and uniform texture. This step removes any larger particles or impurities that may have remained after grinding.
  7. Packaging:
    • The Black Urad Dhal Kali Mix is then packaged in airtight, moisture-proof containers to preserve its freshness and nutritional value. Proper packaging also protects the mix from contamination and ensures a longer shelf life.
  8. Quality Control:
    • Throughout the entire process, stringent quality control measures are implemented. Samples are tested for purity, nutritional content, and overall quality to ensure that the final product meets high standards.
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